This protocol is subject to change 

In keeping with safety standards and regulations we will be temporary turning down the heat to a safe and comfortable 20 - 25 degrees.

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Book and pay for your class online in advance as spaces are limited to allow for social distancing.

No walk-ins at this time.

Bring your own mat and props, 
We will only use verbal assists in class


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Respect for social distancing rules on the premises and outside the studio. Please enter and leave the studio one at a time.

Limit your time outside the studio to 10 mins before and after class.

Temperature checks for teachers and students before class.

Use the mat markers to place your mat in class and give your fellow yogis space.

Masks must be worn until you arrive on your mat and can be placed beside you, and to be worn as you leave the studio.

We ask that all Students leave the yoga studio one after the other, respecting the safety distances. They are also requested to respect the safety distances outside the yoga studio area as they enter & leave .

All classes will now have a minimum of 30 mins between end and start times to allow people to leave and distance safety.


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The studio will be cleaned and sanitised regularly before & after each class . 

Areas such as door handles, light switches, storage units will all be disinfected by the yoga teacher before & after class .

Our doors will be left open, only to be opened and closed by the yoga teacher where possible so please arrive on time for class .  
Wash your hands, utilize the provided hand sanitizer before entering the yoga studio.

Please arrive with your mat cleaned and disinfected.


If you aren’t feeling well, have a cough, fever or symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t attend class for your wellbeing and that of your teachers and fellow yogis.
If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has, we ask that you not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative
We are so grateful for your help in keeping yourself and this community safe

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