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Class Description

Yoga with Props

Myo- Yin Course

All Levels

Explore the rejuvenating techniques of myofascial release (MFR) in combination with Yin Yoga that will rebalance your body as we stretch, roll and release using balls (provided) and your own body weight to relieve tension, tightness & pain.
This 6 week course combines the long holds of yin yoga with self myofascial release techniques.
Myo Yin is designed to introduce tools to decrease muscle soreness & tension, while achieving more ease of movement in the body.
You will leave feeling deeply relaxed..

Fun at Yoga

Beginners course

All Levels

 Designed for those new to yoga, or seeking to understand the foundational poses and breathing techniques a bit better. No experience necessary or expected, 

Stretch Yoga Pose

Yin Yoga

All Levels

In a Yin class, we usually hold poses for 2-5 minutes at a time, and it tends to be quite a meditative practice. When we practice Yin yoga, we’re trying to access the deeper tissues of the body, and many Yin yoga poses focus on areas like the hips, sacrum, and spine. It’s important to note that Yin yoga can be quite intense physically. 

Image by Katie Bush

Vinyasa Flow

Level 2 

Expect a rigorous, fast paced, make-you-sweat practice. This is a strong vinyasa based class with continuous movement where students flow from one pose to the next linking breath with movement.  

This class is great for yoga students who have been practicing regularly for at least 6 months, are physically active, interested in the fitness benefits as well as the mindfulness aspects of yoga and are ready to go with the flow! 

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