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Hot Yoga Studio

Whether you've never set foot into a yoga studio before or are already learning yoga's many different balances, our studio has a class for you. With our experienced teachers we have classes for all levels and abilities, beginners to advanced students.

 Class sizes are kept small to maximise individual attention.


Yoga is about taking care of yourself. It is simply a tool to help us lead a healthier, more fulfilled and content life. Our idea is that yoga is for everyday life. It can be challenging but should never be laboured or painful. Each student works to their own level. It should be simple but stimulating.

The key is to find the correct yoga style for you. Something that resonates with you, that leaves you feeling good, both physically and mentally. The beauty of this tool of yoga is that while one of its primary goals is this deep sense of wellbeing, some of the byproducts include strength, tone, vitality, flexibility, relief from many aches and pains, a greater ability to deal with stress and a sense of grace and calm throughout your day.

The benefits of Yoga include:

* stretching which relieves tension,

* twists which help spinal rejuvenation; aid digestion and help to detoxify the body;

* inversions which aid the lymphatic system

* balance and regulated breathing which calm the nervous system and

* heart openers which invigorate the adrenal system and strengthen the back muscles.

Regular practice balances all the systems of the body, activating and toning the muscle, bones and organs. It corrects posture, restores energy and stamina, clears the body of toxins and soothes and calms the mind.

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